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22nd November - Saint Cecilia's Day

November 22nd is Saint Cecelia's Day. Cecelia is the patron saint of music. Pictures usually shows her singing or playing a harp or organ with an angel at her side. It is said that as the musicians played at her wedding she 'sang in her heart to the Lord' and the angel was enraptured by her singing. She was a Roman who became a Christian, and led her husband and brother to become Christians. All three became martyrs, and her day has been held since about the fourth century. Concerts to celebrate her day were very common at the end of the 17th Century. Music by Purcell was written for the occasion, and odes by Dryden and Pope. Not quite Purcell and not quite Dryden, here are the foo fighers with Saint Cecilia, recorded during an impromptu studio session at Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin Texas ...I got this feeling, I can't keep it down anymore Bring me some healing Saint Cecilia, carry me home to your house of broken bones...

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